In an age of digital disruption, your network and your devices must be online and ready at all times. Vcomms M2M services deliver reliable, fast and secure connectivity wherever and whenever you do business.

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M2M for network operators & service providers

Vcomms' core competency is M2M.
We develop and provide high availability data communications technology and services that empower M2M fleet operators and service providers.


Vcomms was founded in Wellington, New Zealand. Our objective; to fulfil the ever increasing, next generation needs of communications solutions for wireless financial transaction networks. In this objective we have succeeded, and continue to meet.


We have over 30 years of experience supplying data communications technology and services to the world. Our continuing reputation is built on the reliability and performance of our products and services.


Our core service offerings are based on our M2M connectivity platform, Viper, which we developed in-house. With Viper as the foundation, Vcomms offers adaptable services to meet the needs and expectations of the growing M2M market.

Our technology, for your services.

You choose "what" to connect and how the "what" is managed.
There is really no restriction to what can be connected. If you need to bring your devices and online or you want to gain monitoring and feedback from your network, we can help.

Vcomms' provide a single management console to view up-time and network reliability. This means you can manage your Internet of Things and your business to ensure critical and operational activities remain online and within your control.

Our offerings

We like to keep things simple and there we have two solution models.
Both models have been designed, developed and also used by us. We are pretty happy with them.

Cloud - Cosmos NaaS

Cosmos Network as a Service (NaaS) is a fully managed wireless M2M Service, it uses Vcomms Viper Platform built on highly available computing concepts combined with Vcomms wireless network transport protocol to provide secure connection to remote terminals.

On-Premise - Viper

The Viper solution is the product of Vcomms’ investment into M2M technology and the benefits of employing highly available cloud computing concepts. Viper’s proprietary communication protocols are specifically designed to increase the security and the efficiency of wireless financial transactions.

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1/199 Gracefield Road, Lower Hutt 5010, Wellington, New Zealand.

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