Viper - Our core platform

The Viper solution is the product of Vcomms’ investment into M2M technology and the benefits of employing highly available cloud computing concepts.
Viper’s proprietary communication protocols are specifically designed to increase the security and the efficiency of wireless financial transactions.

Smart features

Viper offers a range of smart features that assist network operators & service providers to run operations smoothly.
This includes;
Advanced network preference controls | Remote device configuration and service management | Real-time web management portal

Wireless flexibility

Viper provides all the advantages of being wireless and improves on fixed wire performance.
Remote machines can be operated wherever a 2G-GPRS, 3G-UMTS or 4G-LTE data connection is available.
For operators, who want to “own their own” network, this means large cost savings in set-up, operations, and maintenance.

Security optimization

Viper encryption is optimized for wireless connections.
Viper provides end-to-end transaction data security and encryption using HMAC-SHA2 authentication, and AES encryption together with security key management. In addition, Viper also offers end-to-end SSL/TLS security from the remote Viper units (TLS client) to TLS servers housed within the Bank environment.

High availability

The Viper solution is built on distributed “always-on” network architecture and is robust in nature.
A Viper server appliance outage does not require any manual intervention to restore services. The Viper Remote Unit connected to an ATM will seamlessly switch to an operational Viper Central unit and/or an alternative cellular network in the event of a failure.

Proprietary communication protocols

Viper remote devices and central servers communicate using the Viper proprietary Remote Transport protocol (VxR).
VxR is a highly secure multi-service IP tunnelling protocol. VxR has been and strengthened over multiple development iterations and is designed specially to prioritize transaction performance.
VxR is developed and owned by Vcomms.

Device and network management

The Viper solution includes unified communications network management. This provides remote visibility and control over a network and a range of real-time features;
Device management and terminal service testing | TCP/IP and Visa II service configuration | Network diverse diagnostics and monitoring | Fleet/customer service separation | Task scheduling

Equipment portability

Viper solutions operate with all leading brands of IP equipped financial service machines;
ATMs | Bank Systems | Cash Processors | Cash Recyclers

Secure content delivery

Viper provides support for secure content delivery (advertising and promotional screen shots, video) and remote management at 3G data throughput rates

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