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The benchmark for currency management

Whether your business receives a little in cash payments or a lot, the time you spend handling, counting and banking cash remains the same. Armaguards’ E2E Cash cuts the time spent managing cash and ultimately lowering customers operating costs, reducing trips to the bank and giving staff more time to focus on sales.

E2E Cash combines all the components of currency management to make cash safer, easier and more efficient. Suitable for a large chain or a single store, this service was built as an end-to-end currency management solution.

Intelligent cash handling devices automate the cash handling process and act as a safe to secure cash. Armaguard has partnered with world-leading manufacturers of cash handling technology, providing access to a wide range of smart safe devices to suit small businesses through to multi-national companies. These include:

  • Single or dual note validators
  • 1,200 to 4,400 (XL) deposit note capacity
  • Single or bulk note feeders
  • Access control via PIN
  • Full complement of reports
  • Additional lower secure storage for change

With this in mind, you can rest assured that Armaguard are serious about their data security. Using the Cosmos Network as a service (NaaS) provided by Vcomms Connect ensures the reliable and accurate transfer of data between your smart cash handling device and ACM. Cosmos NaaS is easily deployed and means you can rely on secure, 24/7 connectivity.

We use the Cosmos Network as a service (NaaS) provided by Vcomms Connect to ensure the reliable and accurate transfer of data between our smart cash handling devices and Armaguard.

Cosmos NaaS is easy to deploy and means our customers can rely on us to integrate and manage secure 24/7 connectivity. Over many years the partnership with Vcomms has exceeded our expectations in this regard.

Chris PykeGroup Solutions Manager, The Armaguard Group

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