The Townsville & Mackay Shows

Flawless connectivity for Rural ATM’s

The Townsville and Mackay show collectively host 140,000 patrons annually and have used Vcomms Connect for the last five years. Even in these more isolated parts of Australia there have been no major networking or connectivity issues.

The more remote parts of Australia can present many obstacles when needing to ensure flawless connectivity and reliable equipment due to harsher weather conditions.

It all began in 1876 when a meeting was held at the Queen’s Hotel “for the purpose of inaugurating a Pastoral and Agricultural Society”. This resulted in the formation of the Townsville Pastoral Agricultural and Industrial Association (TPA&IA), the body which still exists today, and which was originally chartered with the responsibility of “doing the utmost to further the production of primary products in North Queensland”.

The Townsville Showgrounds provides an important venue for showcasing and facilitating the expansion of pastoral, agriculture and industrial production and innovation in North Queensland during the late nineteenth century and much of the twentieth century.

In addition to the Townsville Show the Mackay Show is also managed by Steve Gavioli, who in dealing with both large-scale shows decided to run his own ATM machines to combat the issues he was having.

Five years ago I made a decision to run my own ATM machines at our large events to avoid the problems experienced with outside ATM operators. I have used Vcomms Connects M2M products exclusively over this time and have been astounded at the service I have received. My machines have always been able to cover the Events and not once have I had any major issues. Two of my bigger events are the Townsville Show 90,000 patrons and the Mackay Show 50,000 patrons.

Steve GaviloiManaging Director, The Townsville & Mackay Shows

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